When to use BISVRI


On-demand Monday - Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM Eastern Time

After hours calls are available upon request

On-demand 24/7 Service Available for Premier Clients!


Premier Clients enjoy 24/7 BISVRI service. During our overnight hours between 7:00PM and 7:00AM EST, Premier Clients can call BISVRI toll-free. BISVRI Dispatch will ask for your Premier Client ID Number when you notify them you need an interpreter, who will call you in less than 20 minutes. All BISVRI rates are still applicable; the Premier Client service is available for a nominal monthly fee.

BISVRI is especially valuable in these situations:

Medical or other emergency situations that require an interpreter… 

Typically, a live interpreter is preferred in hospitals, clinics or other medical emergencies. While waiting for the live interpreter to arrive, however, BISVRI is the best way to facilitate instant communication. Emergencies are called “emergencies” because they happen without warning. With a BISVRI contract in hand, you are prepared with interpreting services at a moment’s notice.

Rural communities where interpreters are scarce… 

Many rural areas do not have access to sign language interpreters and, if they do, availability is typically not immediate. BISVRI can be used on-demand to obtain instant interpreting services with a simple click of a button.

Last-minute or unplanned meetings… 

When that important last-minute meeting comes up, BISVRI is easy to set up quickly as well. There are no additional fees for last minute or unscheduled interpreting services. Just press “dial” on your VRI equipment and an interpreter will appear on your screen—ready to interpret.

Walk-in clients or customers requiring interpreting services… 

When you have BISVRI in your arsenal, you won’t need to schedule a walk-in patient or client at a later date, at least not due to the lack of an interpreter. By connecting with BISVRI we will provide an interpreter for your unexpected customer/client right then and there. No inconvenience to you or your customer/client.