BISVRI Advantages

Time is Money with Video Remote Interpreting

BISVRI offers a variety of plans and/or packages to suit your unique needs. Every customer’s situation is different and BISVRI wants to accommodate YOURS!

We currently offer 2 hour, 5 hour, 10 hour and 15 hour plan packages. The larger the package, the greater the volume discount. If you have a frequent need or potential frequent need to use VRI, the larger monthly package is for you.

Additionally, we offer prepaid packages which are great for those who have infrequent and/or sporadic needs for interpreters. Prepaid packages require no minimums and are ideal for more occasional usage.

Last minute requests always welcome. Last minute requests may or may not be fulfilled.
No additional fees for last-minute requests. Limited Hours. Costly fees for last-minute requests.
15-minute minimum charge on monthly plans only. Two-hour minimum charge.
No additional fees for travel Additional fees for travel and/or travel time.
No cancellation fees during business hours. Cancellations 2-3 business days in advance may still be charged to the requesting entity.