How BISVRI Works

Start using VRI Now!So just how do you call BISVRI? It’s pretty easy. You can use a computer or any iOS device with a ‘soft phone’ program downloaded, and an internal or external web camera. Video conferencing equipment (the web camera) can be purchased online or from most local electronics stores. When you sign up for BISVRI, you will receive a client ID number to use for your VRI calls.

At this point, you’re ready to start!

In order to get the most for your VRI dollar, follow these steps prior to your call:

  • Assemble all participants in the same room
  • Call BISVRI through your soft phone
  • Within minutes, a dispatcher will appear on your screen After you give the BISVRI dispatcher your client ID number, the dispatcher will transfer you to an interpreter when your call is ready to begin
  • When ready, start conversing naturally. The interpreter will interpret your conversation - audibly voicing whatever is signed by the Deaf or hard of hearing participant(s) and signing whatever is audible in the room. (Remember, just as physically present interpreters, VRI interpreters will voice and/or sign everything seen or heard.)
  • When finished using BISVRI, disconnect your call.

You will be billed according to your agreement with BIS.