Quality Control and Assurance

BIS is structured to assure the highest quality and ethical behavior, most accurate interpretation/transliteration, and most efficient management of your project possible. BIS utilizes data to determine the size of our staff and independent contractors. The BIS culture is entirely focused on providing you with the confidence that you have chosen the best and that your communication with deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences will exceed your expectations and theirs.

BIS is one of the few agencies that have a large number of staff interpreters.


Live Screening Process

  • Expressive, receptive, and conversational screenings
  • Screenings are always conducted live with a Deaf individual present to provide the consumer perspective
  • Each interpreter has a specific rating, and can only see a list of jobs that they are qualified for

Professional Development

  • Unique approach to employee compensation that attracts and develops the best talent available, translating directly into the highest quality services for you and your audiences
  • A "point pay" system that provides financial incentive for employees to continue improving themselves through experience, education and certifications. This system also helps us attract highly qualified interpreters since their pay is also based on the number of "points" they have on their sum when they join us.
  • Annual performance reviews as well as periodic reviews of progress toward agreed-upon objectives and areas of improvement.
  • Establishment of annual goals for professional development, skill building, workshop attendance and certification maintenance
  • Annual training days for staff interpreters, focused on professional development and skill building


  • The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID) has set forth principles of ethical behavior to protect and guide interpreters as well as hearing and deaf consumers.
  • Underlying these principles is the desire to ensure all the right to communicate.
  • ALL BIS interpreters follow this Code of Professional Conduct and know that not adhering to them is grounds for dismissal from BIS.
Click here to read the RID Code of Professional Conduct.